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Amazon associates program

Through Amazon's School Rewards program, we receive up to 10% of every Amazon purchase as long as shoppers use our School Rewards link to access Amazon.

Browse and shop as you normally would. The only difference is that now a portion of your purchase will be given back to Community Families & Friends to help fund the CMCS programs our children love so much and should not do without! Products sold at Amazon by other companies also qualify.


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Making New Friends

Just one of the things your student (and YOU!) can look forward to this upcoming year! Please introduce yourself- we want to get to know you!


Upcoming Events

There is so much to look forward to! We're excited for 2018/2019! Please keep checking back as we add more and more to our new updated website!


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Every year we're adding more exciting offerings. Stay tuned for CMCS 2018/19 updates!


Why We're Different

Because of you! The effort and attention you put in helps us build a better school and learning environment. Thank you!


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