2018-2019 CFF Board of Directors

President:           Karika Thompson
Vice President:  Erik Richter
Treasurer:           Dorian Raith
Secretary:           Sarah Bloom & Shaina Bogorad

Grade Level Director Positions:
Fifth:                  Laurie Waddell
Fourth:              Angel Tanksley
Third:                Teri Hollander
Second:             Amy Bishop
First:                  Kevin Rivera
Kinder:              Anna Karlsson & Natalie Yates

Fundraising Chair Board Members:
Pledge Drive:     Stefania Willens


The CFF Board of Directors is tasked with creating and guiding the plan to help meet our fundraising and volunteer goals. It is the responsibility of the CFF Board of Directors to work closely and cooperatively to enlist the support and interest of families and the greater school community. The success of CFF depends very much on the commitment of ALL parents. Your help is needed and very much appreciated.   There are three CFF member meetings throughout the year that are open for all members of CFF and everyone is encourage to come! The CFF Board meets monthly either via conference call or at a private residence.  If you are interested in attending one of the CFF Board meetings, please email cff@welovecmcs.org.

For questions, email cff@welovecmcs.org