Every year CFF sets a fundraising goal to raise money to help support the students and teachers at Community Magnet Charter School.  Our goal is typically $350,000.  Please see below for the breakdown of how the funds are allocated to programs and activities for the students and staff at CMCS. Our Annual Giving Campaign is the biggest is the biggest fundraiser of the year!  We need your help to reach our campaign goal of $215,000. Your tax-deductible contribution will help ensure that our children have all of the enrichment programs, extra support staff and technology that they need to thrive and succeed.  Check out this year's Funding Brochure HERE.  


The Annual Giving Campaign provides over 60% of the CFF budget each year.  Please see the attached brochures to learn more about the Pledge Drive.  We request that each family contribute $1000 per child towards the valuable resources above (which all children benefit from, regardless of ability to donate).  100% participation is our ultimate goal.  Donations in any amount are welcome and can be submitted in cash, by check or visit the Donations page here to donate now.

Why Pledge?

  • CFF is committed to providing a rich curriculum to each and every child at Community Magnet Charter School that includes among other things, visual art instruction, PE, improvisational drama instruction, and modern technology.  Providing these enriching experiences comes at a cost that is significantly more than what the District gives to public elementary schools.  To ensure the continuation of our enrichment programs and other school support, our goal this year is to raise $350,000.  These funds represent the difference between a good education and the EXCELLENT education our children receive at Community Magnet Charter School. 

    We suggest a donation of $1000 per child.  More important than the amount you give, however, is the fact that you give.  Please give a gift that is meaningful to your family's circumstances.  Our goal is 100% participation this year.  Help us reach this goal by giving generously if you are able.  We give together so we can grow our school together!

How to Pledge?

  • Parents -  Pledge Online.  You will be directed to FreshSchools to make your donation.  You can opt to make your donation all at once or via monthly payments.  Please register if you have not, at https://www.freshschools.com/app/schools/community-magnet-charter-school/register   
  • Friends or Extended Family of a Community Magnet Charter School student, Visit the Donate Now page to make a donation today. You can opt to make your donation all at once or via monthly payments.  Please indicate the student's name and if possible grade and room number on the donation page for proper credit.  
  • Pledge by Mail.  Please print and complete an Annual Family Pledge Drive Form (see below) and return it to the school office or mail to: Community Families & Friends, 11301 Bellagio Road, Los Angeles, CA 90049.   Please make checks payable to CSPA.

See Pledge Incentives (English) or Pledge Incentives (Korean) if you turn in your Pledge Form with donation by 9/28/2018.

Complete and turn in the Pledge Drive Form or Pledge Drive Form (Korean) with your donation!

Please support our school and help give your child the comprehensive education they so deserve. Please give your family pledge to help our school get every penny we need to keep all the programs we cherish so much! On behalf of our school, our community and our children. thank you for GIVING.


CFF Pledge Drive Team

Questions? Contact the Pledge Drive Team  pledgedrive@welovecmcs.org

CSPA, dba Community Families & Friends is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, TAX ID# 95-4058022.  All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.